While Trancy can be used for free, Trancy premium is a worthwhile upgrade that adds powerful features and functionality to Help you learn a new language better.

Trancy Premium is a subscription, and you can subscribe to Monthly and Yearly plans. You can cancel anytime, and save money by choosing a yearly plan.

We offer a 14-day Premium to our first edition users, and you don't need to use any credit card or subscribe. Register to get it now !

Trancy Free features

  • Bilingual subtitles for Youtube and Netflix

  • Unlimited subtitle translation

  • Unlimited words lookups

  • Multiple themes

  • Export Subtitle

  • And more

Trancy premium features

  • Unlimited words and sentence collections

  • Unlimited training

  • Advanced AI translation

  • Lifelike Text to Speech

  • Premium themes

  • And more

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