Custom Translation Engine

Supported translation engines

  • Google

  • DeepL

  • OpenAI(currently only supports sentence and full text translation)

Add custom API

1. Click "Translation Engine" -> "Custom API".

2. Select the desired engine category, enter the custom name and API KEY.

3. Click the "Add" button, verify and save successfully.

4. Return to the "Translation Engine" settings page and switch to the added custom engine.


Why does OpenAI only support full-text and sentence translation, and not subtitle translation?

Open AI has been spending a lot of time on subtitle translation with unsatisfying results, and we are still trying to find a better solution. The main reason for inaccurate subtitle translation is due to sentence breaking. If the sentence breaking is optimized, the effect of using a custom translation engine will be better. We are still in the process of optimization, and we appreciate your understanding and support.

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